3 Pillars of APEM

Association of Pure Energy Morocco (APEM) is structured around three core pillars, each contributing to our mission in a unique and impactful way:

1. Gnaoua Academy (A School of Tradition and Innovation)

Gnaoua Academy is a school dedicated to preserving and promoting the rich tradition of Gnaoua music, dance and its culture. Through a carefully curated curriculum, we aim to pass down the centuries-old Gnaoua heritage to the next generation while embracing innovation and creativity. Our academy will offer courses, workshops, and performances, providing aspiring artists and enthusiasts with a platform to explore and celebrate the unique essence of Gnaoua heritage.

2. Naturally Handmade (An Online Artisan Marketplace)

Naturally Handmade is an online platform that showcases and supports the work of local artisans and craftsmen from Morocco to meet the demands of modern life. Our aim is to promote their authentic and naturally crafted products with new designs and export the values of naturally handmade energy to the world. By providing an accessible marketplace, we encourage sustainable practices and empower artisans to reach a broader audience, both locally and internationally.

3. Pure Energy Tourism (Unveiling Morocco's Cultural Treasures)

Pure Energy Tourism is a cultural tourism venture focused on offering immersive and authentic experiences to travelers. We aim to introduce visitors to the rich cultural heritage of Morocco, showcasing its music, traditions, cuisine, and scenic beauty. Through carefully designed tours and activities, we seek to foster cross-cultural interactions and create lasting memories for travelers while promoting responsible and sustainable tourism practices

Our Story:

Association of Pure Energy Morocco (APEM)

The establishment of Association of Pure Energy Morocco is driven by the purpose of promoting and preserving Moroccan heritage, culture, music, environment, and society. Our primary mission is to cultivate, preserve, and share knowledge and practices that celebrate the richness and diversity found within Morocco.

At our core, we are committed to facilitating cultural exchange activities guided by the visionary concepts pioneered by Japanese entrepreneur Mr. Ricci Inagaki. Through these initiatives, we aim to foster cross-cultural understanding and appreciation, creating opportunities for meaningful connections and collaborations between diverse communities.

We are Pure Energy
Karim Bazzi

Karim Bazzi

CO-founder & President
Maalem Khalid Ouljane

Maalem Khalid Ouljane

Co-founder & Vise President
Ricci Inagaki

Ricci Inagaki

Imad  Hmitti

Imad Hmitti

finance manager

EL Houssaine Labaali

Bader Elgnaoui

Ali Oubjir

Zakaria Ait Bla

Hussain Ait Fath

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Association of Pure Energy Morocco (APEM)

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