Morocco Earthquake Emergency Appeal

Emergency Energy Caravan (EEC)

Following the devastating earthquake in Morocco, the Association of Pure Energy Morocco has initiated an emergency assistance program, the “Emergency Energy Caravan”, to aid the heavily affected Berber villages.

Program Details:

Vehicle Arrangement: We will organize transportation to ensure timely and efficient delivery of relief supplies.

Donations Collection: We’re actively seeking donations to gather essential supplies for the affected communities. All contributions will be used to source and transport these supplies from Marrakech to the affected areas.

On-the-Ground Assessment: Our team will conduct a detailed assessment of the current situation in the villages to identify specific needs and prioritize assistance.

Support: Beyond material assistance, we aim to provide emotional and logistical support to the villagers, ensuring they have the resources to rebuild and recover.

A trip to the center of the earthquake Berber village will start soon and we need your noble act to push our caravan to reach those whom calling for support. They need us at this hard time, we will be there for them.

There’s one thing fundamental that we all share humanity.

For any kind of donation, please contact our association.

Karim Bazzi,
the president & secretary general
Tel: +212 (0)679 28 17 02